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The Mercedes CLA Class is a sophisticated range of cars. Bold, beautiful and packed with the best tech - and if you're looking for a stylish compact saloon offering comfort and a sporty design, the CLA class could be a great option for you. Take a look at our CLA leasing deals below and other excellent Mercedes lease deals.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Class comes in two different models: a sophisticated and practical CLA-Class coupe and the powerful CLA Class Shooting Brake, a brilliant estate. Once you've decided which model better suits your needs, you then have a choice of trim level, with both models coming in AMG Line, AMG Line Premium and AMG Line Premium Plus trims to offer the most luxurious and stunning drive. There is also the option of upgrading your car lease to the athletic CLA 35 and CLA 45 AMG trims, for the ultimate sports car feel.

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Leasing a Mercedes CLA Class

History of Mercedes CLA Class

First brought to the market in 2013, the Mercedes CLA Class has evolved to become a standout car lease with bags of personality. Based on the A Class hatchback platform, the CLA Class implants a stylish new body onto this well-tested vehicle, resulting in an athletic and practical Mercedes-Benz lease. It’s also slightly smaller than the C Class with some of the luxurious touches found in the E Class. So, if you're looking for a comfortable and more grown-up Mercedes car leasing deal, the CLA could be the perfect option.

Mercedes CLA Class Engines and Performance

When you're putting together your car lease deal, you'll need to decide on an engine. The Mercedes CLA Class has a great range of sizes and fuel types with four petrol engines with the top of the range CLA 250 offering an engine producing 225 bhp. The CLA 220d option is also a great choice, producing 190bhp and fuel economy of up to 55.4mpg. For out-and-out speed, the CLA 45 4Matic is a punchy 4-cylinder which produces a whopping 381bhp.

Mercedes CLA Class Features

Your CLA Class car leasing offer will come packed with the latest technology and safety features. The infotainment options in the range are stunning, including augmented reality sat nav, a 10-inch driver's display and smartphone integration. And you don't need to worry about safety; the CLA Class works hard to protect and support the driver with cruise control, along with a range of assistive packages.

Mercedes CLA Class Servicing and Warranty

Mercedes recommends you service your CLA Class car lease vehicle every year or 15,000 miles to maintain performance. Leasing from Lease Fetcher means you'll always get a brand new car, so you'll be covered by the manufacturer's warranty for the first three years.

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Finding a Mercedes CLA Class Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

Lease Fetcher is a leasing deals price comparison website, working to collect together all the best lease deals and offers from approved BVRLA dealers within England and Wales and the rest of the UK. Whatever your budget and mileage requirements, and whether you're looking for personal leasing (inc VAT) or a business contract hire, we have the best Mercedes CLA lease deals all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a Mercedes CLA Class?

The cost of obtaining a car lease on a Mercedes CLA Class deal - such as the AMG Line 4dr Tip auto - depends on your desired contract length, trim level, body style details and mileage requirements (to avoid being subject to excess mileage charges). We update our car leasing deals regularly, so make sure you check Lease Fetcher for the latest deals and special offers to grab the best Mercedes-Benz CLA Class lease deals for you.

Is it better to buy or lease a Mercedes CLA Class?

Leasing - for example, for the AMG Line 5dr Tip auto - can often end up being much more affordable for drivers, replacing the hefty upfront costs associated with buying with an initial payment and manageable monthly instalments. A CLA Class leasing also allows you to drive the latest model with all the most up-to-date technology and features. Road tax is also included.