MG ZS Hatchback Lease

An inexpensive compact SUV, the MG ZS Hatchback is a fantastic family car. It’s a spacious model that’s packed with the latest tech features. Less More

The ZS Hatchback is similar to the MG3 and is a more affordable option than most of MG’s range.

Spacious is the buzzword for this model - it has a roomy interior for all passengers. Boasting a 448 litre boot with the seats up, the space expands to 1,375 litres when you fold the seats flat - useful for moving properties or large bulky items. No one likes clutter and with the cabin, everything is given enough room.

Choose from 1.0-litre turbo petrol or the 1.5-litre model - if you tend to do mainly small-town driving or you rack up the motorway miles, there’s an option for you. Fuel economy is great for budget-conscious families, capable of up to 42.7 MPG.

In comparison to other models, the ZS can be insured for a low cost, falling somewhere in the 10E-15E bracket. Affordability beyond just the monthly lease is important for those on a budget and this model certainly helps cut running costs down.

Driving the ZS Hatchback is a breeze with adjustable steering and rear parking sensors provided as standard. Cruise control helps to ease the strain of long drives and you get ample handling over bumpy roads. With standard fabric seats that are easily adjustable, the ZS Hatchback makes for a comfy ride.

What sets this model aside from the rest is its affordability and it’s something you’ll struggle to find with other SUVs in this price range. The only similar options are the Toyota Aygo X Hatchback, suitable for city driving and the Dacia Duster for budget-friendly shoppers.

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