Porsche Panamera Lease

Best Porsche Panamera Personal & Business Lease Deals

The Panamera models are sleek and stylish sports cars, built with practicality and luxury in mind. Porsche’s intense attention to detail means both Panamera models are impressive performers that are great for everyday use. Less More

You’ve got your pick between the Panamera Hatchback and the Panamera Sport Turismo. Both models are an excellent choice, depending on whether you need more space or you’re focused more on style and finish.

Which model is best for me?

The choice between the two models is down to personal design preference and practicality.

If you prefer the smoother exterior of the hatchback, the Panamera Hatchback is your best choice.

If you want a touch more room, the Panamera Sport Turismo is ideal. It offers slightly more headroom in the rear and a larger boot than the hatchback (520 litres vs 500 litres).

Both cars offer impressive performance and devastating good looks - just what you’d expect in a Porsche model. Their speed stats are almost identical, so the choice is down to looks and boot space!

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