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Building on a crisp and sporty core design, Renault’s Megane contract hire range has a model to suit every driver. Whether you’re hitting the race track, settling in for a road trip or just running errands, you can find the perfect car leasing option in this line-up of hatchbacks and estates.

There are three models in the Megane range for you to consider for your lease deal - they may look similar but they are very different. The entry-level Megane hatchback is a comfortable family car that is smooth and predictable to drive, whereas the Megane Sport Tourer is somewhat bigger with a bulkier design and roof bars. If you’re interested in a high-performance ride, then the race track inspired Megane R.S. with its all-wheel steering will not disappoint. All models are available with three trims to consider - if you’re looking to give the hatchback or Sport Tourer a sportier edge, then keep an eye out for the GT Line specification which furnishes the models with eye-catching front and rear bumpers.

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Leasing a Renault Megane

History of Renault Megane

These family cars were introduced in 1995 and the Megane range has undergone several facelifts to develop the cool and compact style that we love today. Over the decades, we’ve seen models in the range come and go, but the essential values of class, comfort and convenience have endured.

Renault Megane Engines and Performance

Renault offers petrol and diesel engines for the hatchback and Sport Tourer. The R.S. is only available with petrol engines. The entry-level TCe petrol engines are ideal for everyday driving and are able to notch 0-62mph in 9.5 seconds in the hatchback. If you drive long distances and fuel economy is important, then the diesel engines can give you up to 64 mpg. The R.S. has the most powerful engine in the range that is sure to wow the speedsters among you. Treat yourself to a top speed of 163mph and 296bhp with the turbo injected TCe 300. All Megane engines are available with a manual or automatic gearbox so you won’t have to compromise on your driving style. 

Renault Megane Features

All models are equipped with a number of safety features at entry-level so you can rest easy - no matter which model and trim you add to your lease deal. Driver aids like cruise control and emergency brake assist are there to help you drive with confidence, and features like rear parking sensors are available on higher-level trims for added convenience. The basic infotainment system consists of a 7-inch touchscreen that houses smartphone mirroring systems for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so it’s safe and easy to access your apps, texts and calls while on the road. A premium TomTom sat nav is standard in the Megane R.S. and available on higher trims in the hatchback and Sport Tourer. There is also a luxury Bose surround sound system option so you can treat yourself to breath-taking audio from the comfort of your car!

Renault Megane Servicing and Warranty

With a Lease Fetcher Renault Meganecontract hire deal, you will receive a brand new car that is protected by Renault’s five-year manufacturer warranty for new vehicles. When it comes to servicing models in the Megane range, Renault recommends a yearly servicing plan, and if you download the ‘My Renault’ app, you can receive helpful maintenance reminders, so you’ll know exactly when your lease car needs servicing. Learn more by visiting Renault’s servicing page and warranty page.

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Finding a Renault Megane Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

Looking for a Renault Megane lease deal that’s right for you? Lease Fetcher makes it quick and easy to find the best deals and special offers. We source car leasing deals from some of the best BVRLA-accredited brokers in England, Wales and the rest of the UK to help you find the perfect one. Whether you’re searching for a business or personal lease deal, our simple to use platform has you covered. You can search deals by type and range or use our handy comparison filters to find deals that suit your ideal initial payment, estimated annual mileage, CO2 emissions and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to lease a Renault Megane?

The cost of your Renault Megane car lease will depend on a number of factors - your choice of model, trim and engine will influence the price as well as your initial payment and estimated mileage. You can arrange for a callback from a broker’s registered office to discuss your needs in detail.

Is it better to buy or lease a Renault Megane?

If you want to drive the newest models in the Megane range at an affordable price, then leasing can be the way to go - especially if you have your heart set on a high-performance model like the Megane R.S which comes with a hefty price tag. Choose a car leasing deal from us, and you can enjoy all the perks of the latest models through a simple monthly payment. Road tax is also included.