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The Road To Recovery

We’ve had just about every letter of the alphabet used to describe the likely shape of the current recession, but how does it look for the automotive industry?

Electric Cars Industry Score

Electric car sales, like those of their gas-guzzling counterparts, have seen a sharp decline in recent months. Yet Tesla seems to be in better shape than ever. Everything is pointing towards a green revolution once restrictions have been lifted. But is Elon Musk’s cavalier behaviour just business as usual or a sign of desperation?

Electric Cars - Road to Recovery Chart

This Week

3.4 / 10 5%
Previous Week: 3.2/10
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2020 12:00am

Electric Cars Tracker Chart

Click on a keyword below to see how frequently it was searched since the start of the lockdown and how this compares to previous years!

Audi e-tron

Audi e-tron

2.8 / 10 -45%
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BMW i3

4.6 / 10 10%
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Hyundai Ioniq

5.1 / 10 21%
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Kia e-niro

3.5 / 10 52%
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Nissan Leaf

2.8 / 10 47%
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Renault Zoe

3.7 / 10 23%
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Tesla Model 3

2.2 / 10 22%
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Tesla Model S

3.5 / 10 -8%
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