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Smart cars were meant for city living and the Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe is no exception. At just over 2.6 metres in length and 1.6 metres in width, it’s perfect for weaving in and out of tight spots and busy lanes. As a member of the Smart family, the ForTwo Coupe is also only available as a 100% electric vehicle so you won’t pay road tax, and it’s exempt from some congestion charges. To explore what the Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe can offer you, take a look at these top Smart car lease deals brought to you by LeaseFetcher.


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Leasing a Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe

Background to the Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe

There have been six generations of the Smart ForTwo which launched in 1998 - well before electric cars were considered a practical reality. Fast-forward a couple of decades and the ForTwo Coupe is just one bodystyle model in the all-electric Smart car family, including the Fortwo Electric Cabrio. Owned by the Daimler-Benz Group, who manufacture Mercedes-Benz, Smart cars have a great pedigree. The Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe might be one of the smallest cars on the market, but there’s still around 260-litres of boot space which is enough for your weekly shop or a night or two away. You could also consider the Coupe’s sibling for Cabrio lease deals.

Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe Engines and Performance

All Smart cars, including the ForTwo Electric Coupe, come with a 60kW, 82bhp electric motor which is more than quick enough for urban driving. You’ll get up to 82 miles on a full charge and go from 0-62mph in 11.6 seconds with a top speed of 81mph. You can recharge the battery to 80% capacity in less than 40 minutes if you’re using a commercial 22kW wallbox. The same charge from a home-based wallbox will take a little over three hours, or you can use a regular three-pin plug and charge your ForTwo Electric Coupe overnight. As a fully electric vehicle, there are no CO2 emissions.

Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe Trim Levels

Choose from four trim levels: Passion Advanced, the Pulse Premium, the Prime Exclusive, and the Edition One. The Edition One is only available in the coupe and ForTwo Cabrio styling. Although the Passion Advanced is the entry-level spec, there’s enough inside to keep the driver and passenger happy with a height-adjustable steering wheel, armrest and no-fuss upholstery. If you prefer a sportier edge, the Prime Exclusive and the Edition One trim levels provide more intricately designed alloy wheels, ambient lighting and an automatic interior dimming mirror. Only the Edition One comes with leather seats as standard. Special editions include the Prime Premium and Nightsky. 

Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe Safety and Infotainment Features

For a small car, there are lots of clever safety features including Smart’s Crosswind Assist technology which provides stability even on blustery days. There’s also active brake assist and front, side and knee airbags. A deactivation system means occupants won’t come into contact with the high-voltage battery either. A high-res 8-inch touchscreen will give you access to the Smart Connect Media System with Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe Servicing and Warranty

All Smart cars come with a 36-month warranty and no mileage restrictions. Your Smart car’s lithium-ion battery is also under warranty for eight years or 62,000 miles - whichever comes first. For more information and advice on service options, head to the Smart website.

Related Models from other Manufacturers

If you’re after a like-for-like comparison, there isn’t a huge choice of alternatives, which reinforces the Smart ForTwo Coupe’s image as a unique and distinctive vehicle. However, close alternatives worth considering include the Renault ZOE Electric.

Finding a Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

At Lease Fetcher, we specialise in bringing together the UK’s top car leasing brokers. By searching with us, you get to see all available leasing deals throughout the UK. All our leasing offers come from BVRLA brokers which means you can be confident about finding the best deals from trusted sources at the fairest contract hire prices. That’s not all, whether you’re looking for your next Smart car or fancy discovering an alternative, you can easily switch manufacturers from BMW, Audi and Peugeot, to Volvo and Citroen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to lease a Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe?

New cars typically depreciate around 40% in their first three years so this is what you can expect to pay over a 36-month lease deal. Depreciation does vary depending on a range of factors including contract hire length, mileage, initial and monthly payments. Personal leasing offers will be inc VAT.

Is it better to buy or lease a Smart ForTwo Electric Coupe?

There are all sorts of advantages to car leasing. You can drive a brand new coupe with the latest tech and upgrade it at the end of your contract. It means you can frequently enjoy the freshest Smart car designs and state-of-the-art gadgets. When your lease ends, you simply hand your ForTwo Coupe back to your car leasing broker without any of the hassle of trading it in - and look for another contract hire from, for example, Fiat or Volkswagen.

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