Toyota Mirai Lease

The Toyota Mirai oozes innovation from its powerful performance to its distinctive design. This hydrogen fuel cell saloon is a great option for eco-conscious professionals.  Less More

The Mirai is an incredibly clever and complex saloon car. Believed to be the next step in green technology for automobiles, the Mirai is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell battery - a modern method that requires you to fuel the battery with liquid hydrogen that is cleverly converted into electricity, that powers your car. If you live near a hydrogen refuelling station, it can take less than 5 mins to fill up your tank!

Opting for the modern Mirai eliminates the need for you to locate local charging stations, factor in charging times or even install a wallbox. Once you have fuelled your car with liquid hydrogen, you are provided with a whopping 357 miles of electric range that produces 0g/km of CO2 tailpipe emissions. 

The Mirai is an excellent choice for professionals and families alike. Passengers in the front fit comfortably in leather-clad seats that are electronically adjustable, with passengers in the rear fitting just as snug. There is also generous boot storage on offer - a 321 litre capacity that allows you to store plenty of luggage for those family weekends away or long business trips.

Not only is the Mirai powered by innovative technology, but it is equipped with it too. Positioned high on a black upper dashboard is a Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation multimedia system that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can play your favourite music through the premium JBL sound system. Toyota has also made the Mirai compatible with your smartphone, allowing you to remotely control some functions of your car before entering the cabin.. 

The Toyota Mirai is a stand-out in the automobile industry as one of the only hydrogen fuel cell powered electric vehicles, with the other being the Hyundai Nexo.

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