Toyota Mirai Lease

As a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with futuristic vibes, zero emissions, the Toyota Mirai provides a memorable driving experience. Here at LeaseFetcher, we curate the best car leasing deals on the market and provide you with special offers, so you can find your dream contract hire vehicle. Check out our Toyota lease deals including this fantastic model below!


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Leasing a Toyota Mirai

Background to the Toyota Mirai

Toyota is renowned for pioneering new vehicles with the latest hybrid technology. We saw this in 1997 when they released the Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle. The name Mirai stands for future in Japanese, and the Toyota Mirai saloon lives up to its title by revolutionising fuel cell technology and making what was once a dream a reality. As well as boasting 0g/km of CO2 emissions, the Mirai hydrogen also has a 361-litre boot and is cheaper to run than a diesel vehicle. The Toyota Mirai is a four-seater saloon which makes it a suitable option for small families to consider leasing.

Toyota Mirai Engines and Performance

The Toyota Mirai is powered by fuel cells that convert compressed hydrogen into electricity that drives the electric motor. The Mirai’s USP is its ability to not need recharging thanks to it being 100% electric, and a single-speed CVT transmission delivers the power effectively - much like electric vehicle rivals do. The vehicle goes from 0-62 mph in 9.6 seconds, and the motor provides 152bhp - with fuel economy being the equivalent of 60 mpg. The Toyota Mirai delivers a fast, smooth performance and minimal wind noise makes for a pleasant driving experience.

Toyota Mirai Trim Levels

When designing your brand new Toyota Mirai lease, there’s only one trim available. However, it is well-equipped with excellent standard equipment. If you consider leasing a Toyota Mirai, you will benefit from 17-inch alloy wheels, sat nav, Bluetooth connectivity, heated rear seats and adaptive cruise control.

Toyota Mirai Safety and Infotainment Features

Toyota vehicles are renowned for their commitment to designing high-quality, safe vehicles, and the Toyota Mirai is no exception. The vehicle comes with a long list of safety kit including a blind-spot monitor, automated braking, lane departure alert and a pre-collision system. The Toyota Mirai’s hydrogen tanks have also been built to be bulletproof, which is a further nod to how advanced the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is.

Toyota Mirai Servicing and Warranty

The Toyota Miraihatchback comes with a five-year or 100,000-mile manufacturer warranty which demonstrates that it is a high-quality vehicle. Toyota recommends that you have your vehicle serviced yearly.

Related Models from other Manufacturers

If you want to look at rival models then you will struggle - the Mirai is one of only two hydrogen-powered cars currently available in the UK. Check out our Hyundai Nexo lease deals to compare.

Finding a Toyota Mirai Lease Deal with LeaseFetcher

At LeaseFetcher, we pride ourselves on providing the best car leasing deals from the UK’s top FCA-approved, BVRLA leasing brokers across the UK to help you find your perfect contract hire deal for either a business lease, which will be exc VAT, or a personal lease, which will be inc VAT. You can also check out other Toyota models such as the Yaris, Rav4 and Camry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my Toyota Mirai lease cost?

The overall price of your Toyota Mirai lease will be dependent on factors such as the mileage and extras that you add. A new car might depreciate by 40% over three years, but the lease costs will take this into account.

Is it better to buy or lease a Toyota Mirai?

Leasing a Toyota Mirai trumps buying a car as you only have to secure it with an initial payment and then monthly payments - which can be cheaper than buying outright. Another leasing benefit is that you can regularly update your model, which allows you to experience driving brand new cars. Also, road tax is included in your lease. Be aware too of any excess mileage charges.