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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a 4x4 lease deal?

So, you’ve figured out that you need a 4x4 - why lease instead of buying though?  Leasing a car offers much lower monthly payments since you’re only paying off the cost of depreciation during your contract!

Can I get a 4x4 lease with no deposit?

To see all of our no deposit leasing deals on your chosen 4x4, filter for “1-month initial rental” on LeaseFetcher. This finds you a 4x4 lease deal where you effectively pay no deposit but will pay more per month. 

Do you have any automatic 4x4s?

A manual used to be a no-brainer for a 4x4. These days, however, automatics have improved so much that driving an automatic 4x4 off-road is a breeze. If you want a luxurious off-road experience, consider a Land Rover Discovery lease deal. 

What is the best petrol 4x4?

4x4s need to have punchy and powerful engines to get you out of a jam. Petrol is a great option here - we have deals for incredible petrol 4x4s, such as an amazing Skoda Kodiaq lease. 

What is the best diesel 4x4?

If you’re more interested in endurance and fuel economy over sheer power, a diesel 4x4 might be right for you. Check out some excellent Audi Q7 lease deals. For a rundown of the best diesel cars around, check out our list. 

How do I find the best 4x4 personal lease deal?

For the best 4x4 personal lease deal for you, figure out what you require for a personal car lease. LeaseFetcher lets you filter by seats, transmission, engine types, and more! This lets you bag an amazing 4x4 on an amazing PCH deal

How do I search for the right 4x4 business lease deal for me?

A business car lease is a great way to get your hands on a rugged, powerful 4x4 at an even cheaper price. However, before you take out that 4x4 business car lease, make sure you do your homework. Research the vehicle tax, BIK rates, and emissions band, to know exactly how much you’re paying. It’s also vital to make sure you know how company car tax works!