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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a 7 seater car lease deal?

Buying a 7 seater car new isn’t cheap. If you’ve been wondering whether to lease or buy a car, consider your monthly payments. With a 7 seater car lease deal, you’re only paying for the depreciation, so your monthly payment is a lot less than buying new! 

Can I get a 7 seater car lease with no deposit?

For no deposit leasing, all you need to do is filter for ‘1-month initial rental’ on LeaseFetcher. Remember, while taking out a 7 seater car lease deal no deposit eliminates a big upfront cost, your monthly payments will be higher to balance out the cost. 

Do you have electric or hybrid 7 seater car lease deals?

A 7 seater car is the perfect candidate for a hybrid engine. Due to being so heavy, good fuel economy is a big concern. If you’re after an efficient hybrid, we recommend a Volvo XC90 lease deal.  For the best hybrid cars, stay right here on LeaseFetcher. 

Do you have any automatic 7 seater cars?

Driving with a fully packed car and several kids in the back is stressful enough without having to pull off a quick gear shift. Thankfully, there are some great automatic 7 seaters on-site, like our Land Rover Discovery lease deals. 

What is the best petrol 7 seater car?

A petrol engine is a great choice for a 7 seater, offering the acceleration that can be much needed when driving a heavy car. For a practical and fun petrol 7 seater, consider a Seat Alhambra lease deal. For some of the best petrol cars available, check out our list. 

What is the best diesel 7-seater?

Diesel 7-seaters are perfect for long-distance driving. If you’re regularly embarking on family road trips, our Renault Grand Scenic lease deals could be an excellent option for you - we think it’s one of the best diesel cars around.

How do I find the best 7-seater car personal lease deal?

To find the best 7-seater car lease deal for you, filter by what you’re looking for: seats, transmission, engine types, and even more! You can easily find the best PCH deals to meet your personal leasing needs. 

How do I search for the right 7-seater car business lease deal for me?

If you want to be the carpooling king and use your 7-seater for work, you ought to take out a business car lease. This saves you some money on tax, meaning you can get a cheap monthly deal. Before diving in headfirst though, make sure you do your research: look up your car tax, emissions band, and BIK rates! If you’re thinking “how does company car tax work?”, then have the guide for you!