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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a hot hatch lease deal?

A hot hatch is the only car for you - but why lease over buying? Leasing a car offers much lower monthly payments compared to buying - you’re only paying for the depreciation. As such, you’ll be able to afford a much better car than if you bought new! 

Can I get a hot hatch lease with no deposit?

For an even easier way to get your hands on a brand new hot hatch, consider no deposit leasing - just filter for “1-month initial rental”. This will display all the hot hatch lease deals you can bag without putting down a huge deposit! 

Do you have any automatic hot hatch cars?

If you can’t be bothered with gear changes and just want to focus on the road, an automatic hot hatch might be a good option. Check out our Ford Fiesta ST lease deals!

What is the best petrol hot hatch?

Petrol is really the only option for a hot hatch, delivering incredible power and acceleration. LeaseFetcher stocks the best petrol hot hatches around - including the incredible Volkswagen Golf R lease deals. For the best petrol cars, stay on LeaseFetcher.

How do I find the best hot hatch personal lease deal?

To get the ideal hot hatch for you, figure out exactly what you’re after in a hot hatch personal car lease. LeaseFetcher lets you filter by seats, transmission, engine types, and more. You can bag an amazing hot hatch on an affordable PCH deal

How do I search for the right hot hatch business lease deal for me?

A business car lease is the cheapest way to get your hands on a stylish hot hatch. Before signing up for a hot hatch business lease deal, make sure you research the vehicle tax, BIK rates,and emissions band, to know exactly how much you’re paying. Make sure you know how company car tax works!