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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a luxury car lease deal?

Still wondering whether you should lease or buy? What if we said you could get a brand new luxury car for a small sum each month without ever having to worry about reselling it? Not bad...

Can I get a luxury car lease no deposit?

Of course. We have no deposit leases for most of our best luxury cars! So, if you’re in need of a new car with a little left over for a chauffeur, simply set our filter to ‘1 month initial rental’. How about an opulent new Audi A8 Saloon lease?

Do you have electric or hybrid luxury cars lease deals?

Perhaps you’d like to show off with some of the latest in electric car technology? Or maybe you’d rather relax as a whisper-quiet electric engine lets you glide by unnoticed? Some of the best electric cars and best hybrid cars on the market also offer high levels of refinement - like this Lexus LS lease.

Do you have any automatic luxury cars?

Why change gears manually when it can be done for you? We bet you can’t wait for driverless cars. To search for the best automatic luxury cars, just use our “automatic” filter! For a great luxury automatic with a suspension that soaks up potholes the size of craters, check out our Mercedes GLS lease deals.

What is the best petrol luxury car?

You can easily find the best petrol cars with our “petrol” filter. For a luxury petrol that lets you peer down your nose at the peasants (it has got the royal seal of approval, after all), why not try a Land Rover Range Rover Estate Lease?

What is the best diesel luxury car?

To find thebest diesel cars, just select “diesel” from our filters. For a slick diesel car that’s imposing on the outside but squishy on the inside, check out our BMW 7 Series lease deals.

How do I find the best luxury car personal lease deal?

Finding the best PCH deals on luxury cars should be no trouble at all with our filters. Sort the wheat from the chaff and filter by number of seats, body style, MPG and range for personal lease deal that has everything you need (butler not included).

How do I search for the right luxury car business lease deal for me?

You may have money to burn, but we’d still advise that you filter by CO2 emissions to keep your Bik rates and company car tax as low as possible. Not only is company car tax on electric cars the lowest, but driving a luxury electric car could be good for business!