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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a supercar lease deal?

Supercars are by far the most expensive car type - and for good reason. With spaceship-like acceleration and sci-fi tech, these cars aren’t cheap to make. When you consider whether to lease or buy a car, you only need to look at the monthly payments for leasing. It’s by far the cheapest option to get you driving a supercar! 

Can I get a supercar lease with no deposit?

For no deposit leasing, all you need to do is filter for ‘1-month initial rental’ on LeaseFetcher. Remember, while taking out a supercar lease deal no deposit eliminates a big upfront cost, your monthly payments will be higher.

Do you have electric or hybrid supercar lease deals?

Some of the best electric cars in the world are supercars. Electric motors make for incredibly powerful acceleration - and that’s not even mentioning the ultra-low running costs. We add new deals every day from our brokers, so if there aren’t any electric or hybrid supercars above right now, we will have them soon. We’ve also got a roundup of best hybrid cars to help you out.

Do you have any automatic supercars?

When you’re dealing with the engine power of a supercar, driving a manual can be difficult. Accelerating in first can make you feel like you’re going to take off. An automatic supercar is a great option for stress-free driving. You can see if we have any automatic supercars above using our filter system - our deals update every day!

How do I find the best supercar personal lease deal?

To find the best supercars lease deal for you, filter by what you’re looking for: seats, transmission, engine types, and even more! You can easily find the best PCH deals to meet your personal leasing needs. 

How do I search for the right supercar business lease deal for me?

If you want to get the one-up on your business partners (and who doesn’t), consider a supercar business car lease. This saves you some money on tax, meaning you can get a cheap monthly deal. Before diving in headfirst though, make sure you do your research: look up your car tax, emissions band, and BIK rates! If you’re thinking “how does company car tax work?”, then check out our guide!