Vauxhall Adam Hatchback Review

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Vauxhall Adam Hatchback Quick Review

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  • 7 Equipment
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  • 5 Performance

Short Review

The ADAM is Vauxhall's refreshingly different take on the small car sector. It doesn't replace the brand's conventional citycar and supermini offerings but it does offer a more stylish option that sits somewhere in between for buyers bored by the sight of BMW's reinvented MINI on every drive and unmoved by Fiat's funky 500. Here's a fashionable alternative with an encyclopaedic list of options, bidding for individuality beyond the hatchback herd.

Vauxhall Adam Hatchback LeaseFetcher Review


The Vauxhall Adam is a fun, modern and good looking supermini that represents Vauxhall's attempt to compete with the Fiat 500.

There are a few issues with storage space, but, overall, the Adam does an admirable job and is a great supermini choice.


I don't know about you, but in my opinion, Vauxhall has really nailed it when it comes to the exterior design of the Adam. It just looks so fresh and appealing that you can't help but stare at it.

Whether you're looking at this three-door supermini from the front, rear or one of its sides, it looks fun, which is something you don't get to say very often in the motoring world.

The Adam also offers a bunch of customisation options, including contrasting roof colours, dozens of body colours and even several unique alloy wheel designs to choose from.


The good first impression of the Adam's design flair continues inside. An intelligently designed dashboard and well built dash give the Adam a surprisingly premium feel.

Apart from having a cabin with decent-quality materials, the Vauxhall Adam offers a very roomy interior, especially for passengers at the front.

Vauxhall's penchant for customisation continues on the inside as there are 15 different seat trims, 18 unique fascia panels and various colour options to choose from.


It won't surprise you but the Adam is an agile city runabout. The steering is accurate and, thanks to a city steering mode, exceptionally light.

The city steering mode feature disengages when you hit 30 mph, which gives it a reassuringly weighty feel at higher speeds.

The suspension is also geared towards comfort, although the higher-spec Adam S, which comes with stiffer suspension settings and sits on 17-inch alloys, might ruin ride comfort.

In terms of engines, there are three to choose from but none of them are diesel-powered. (Yet another manufacturer ditching diesel?)

You’ve got the option of a three-cylinder a 1.2-litre petrol, a 1.4-litre petrol and a 1.0-litre turbo petrol, producing 69, 98 and 113 bhp, respectively. Even though the Adam is a small car, I'd look past the piddly 1.2-litre petrol. It's not big enough and you'll find yourself mashing your foot to the floor just to get up to speed on motorways.


Sitting behind the wheel of this small car feels okay. It's not cramped or anything but it's definitely not spacious.

However, sitting in the back seats is a completely different matter. The rear seats are ideal for children but you'll struggle to squeeze fully grown adults into the diminutive space.

Boot space isn't great either. With just 170 litres on offer, the Adam falls well short of the DS 3, which has the DS 3 (285 litres), the MINI (211 litres) or the Audi A1 (270 litres).

Still, with the rear seats down, the Adam's bot expands to a more reasonable 663 litres, which isn't all that bad.


There are quite a few trim levels on the Adam, but since this city runabout is all about personalisation that kind of makes sense. You get to choose between Jam, Glam, Energised, Energised Black Jack, Slam and S.

But you know what's even better? The very generous list of standard equipment. Hill-assist start, driver assistance, climate control, cruise control and alloy wheels are all fitted as part of the standard kit.

Of course, there are extras to choose from if you’re feeling adventurous. There are options such as the Extreme Carbon pack, Roof Colour pack and the Exterior Light pack.

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Euro NCAP Safety Rating

  • NCAP Adult Occupant Protection % 87%
  • NCAP Child Occupant Protection % 72%
  • NCAP Pedestrian Protection % 65%
  • NCAP Safety Assist % 81%

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