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Some say it was electrified by the hammer of Thor himself. All we know is, the C40 Recharge is the first pure electric crossover from Scandinavian brand Volvo. And with plenty of space inside, it’ll easily seat a midsized family, too.  Less More

The C40 may be Volvo’s first electric crossover, but it isn’t their only car to be powered by electricity. The XC40 Recharge can be purchased with either a hybrid or electric drivetrain. If you want more space and can go without the pure electric drivetrain, there’s also the hybrid XC60 Recharge and XC90 Recharge

If you like simplicity, you’ll love the C40. There’s only one trim choice (a well-equipped one, mind), and one motor and battery combination. That’s no bad thing, as it also happens to be all-wheel drive with a fairly generous 78kWh battery, which provides 273 miles of range and darts from 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds, making it quicker than many of its electric rivals. 

And that’s not the only thing that makes it stand out. With ‘Thor’s hammer’ tail lights and a minimalist interior, the C40 Recharge is unmistakably Scandinavian in an otherwise German-dominated market. 

Volvo stresses that the lifecycle carbon footprint of this car is lower than the petrol-power XC40 T5, irrespective of the energy mix used to recharge the car. The car’s quality vegan-friendly interior with leather-free Connect upholstery goes some way to achieving this impressive feat. 

The C40 is also brimming with tech, whether that’s Volvo’s new driver instrument cluster and Android-based infotainment system, or the vast array of safety features, such as 360 camera views, collision detection, blind spot information (BLIS), and lane-keep assistance. 

For some of the best Volvo C40 Recharge alternatives, check out the Audi Q4 E-tron Sportback and the Mercedes EQA.

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