Fiat 500 Electric Cabrio Lease

If you like the look of the Fiat 500e but want the freedom of a soft-top, the Fiat 500 Electric Cabrio is the car for you. Perfect for young professionals, new drivers, and small families looking for a second car to use as a runaround, this model is an urban city car dream! Less More

Fiat also produces a mild hybrid petrol version of this model, the Fiat 500C.

You’ll have no worries about range anxiety with 199 miles of pure electric range with each full charge. Charging times are super quick: a fast charger takes only 5 minutes to add 30 miles of range, so you’ll get to 80% charge in just 35 minutes. If you’re going to use the car for short-distance daily driving like commuting to work, you’ll only need to top up the battery every few days.

The battery-powered retractable roof is easy to use and even when it’s down, the cabin is quiet. It only takes 25 seconds to open, up to speeds of 62 MPH.

The range of tech in the cabin is extensive, giving you great bang for your buck. The 10.25-inch infotainment screen is crisp and intuitive, and the system is equipped with navigation services and is compatible with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The sound system is a premium touch, a team effort from Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli and engineers at JBL. You can set the soundtrack to summer drives, imagining yourself as a main character in a movie.

It’s a safe model, safer than its mild hybrid petrol counterpart. The regular 500e was tested by Euro NCAP and received a 4 star rating, so we’d expect similar results from this convertible. The rear view camera, traffic jam assist, and park assist make travelling round the city simple and safe.

The 500e Convertible is a unique model without any direct competitors - the Smart ForTwo Cabrio is the closest, but only has 2 seats rather than 4.

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