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What is Business Car Leasing?

Business car leasing (also known as Business Contract Hire, or BCH for short) is a vehicle agreement between a registered business and a finance company. We’ve written a comprehensive guide on how car leasing works and how business car leasing works specifically, so we’ll be brief here! With a business lease contract, you make an initial payment to secure the car (called an initial rental) and you make monthly payments for the duration of your lease contract.

The leasing broker calculates the overall cost to lease a car by calculating how much the vehicle will depreciate over the contract - this is based on factors like contract length, annual mileage, and your chosen car’s exact specifications. Your business will never fully own the car which means at the end of the contract, you can simply hand it back to the broker and get another brand new car on a new lease contract!

Benefits of Business Car Leasing

Brand New Car

All business car leases are for brand new cars so you can have peace of mind that it’ll be in ship-shape condition for all your company’s needs.

Flexible Deals

Set up a lease contract that suits your business needs. Find deals for your desired contract length, annual mileage requirements, and monthly payment budget.

Fixed Monthly Payments

Agree on a fixed monthly cost for your lease to suit your business budget. Commercial vehicle prices exclude VAT.

Latest Technology

With a factory fresh lease vehicle, you’ll have access to the best of modern car infotainment and safety technology.

Road Tax Included

All business lease deal prices include road tax - that’s one less thing to incorporate into your budget and add to your to-do list!

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Should your vehicle have any faults, you’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty from the beginning of your lease.

How does Lease Fetcher Work?

We Collect Car Leasing Deals

The deals you see are gathered from the UK’s top leasing companies who are all BVRLA approved. No need to click from site to site - everything you need to compare is right here!

We Help You Compare Lease Deals

We make it super easy to compare lease deals for your next company car. Use our filter system to narrow your search by manufacturer, mileage, budget, emissions, MPG, fuel type, and more!

We Connect You With Leasing Brokers

Found your perfect deal? Secure the offer by sending an enquiry to the deal provider through Lease Fetcher. They’ll take the rest from there.

Business Car Leasing FAQs

Should I lease or buy a car?

There are loads of advantages to leasing a car vs buying a car. Your business needs something reliable and with leasing, all cars are brand new and covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Whilst you could buy a brand new car outright, if you think your business will trade in the model for a higher spec one in a few years, then leasing could be more cost effective. You’ll only pay off the cost of depreciation meaning you won’t lose wads of cash when you try to sell them on. It’s a hassle-free process for your business - just hand the car back at the end of the contract and get a new one with no loss of money through depreciation!

Should I take out a personal lease or lease through my limited company?

There are pros and cons to each. If you lease through your limited company, you pay company car tax. With a personal car lease, you have to pay VAT. It’s best that you sit down and work out how much you’ll have to pay for the specific car you want to lease by calculating what you’d owe in company car tax versus VAT.

Can I use my company car allowance to take out a car lease agreement?

If your company offers a company car allowance, you can put this towards a business lease. If you opt for a company car allowance over a company car, you will be taxed as if it were part of your own salary rather than BIK tax.

How do I calculate company car tax for a lease car?

To calculate your company car tax, you multiply the P11D value of your car (the list price) by the CO2 emission tax band (BIK rate) for the car by your personal tax rate. Company car tax on electric cars is cheap for 2020/21 - BIK rates are 0%.

How does insurance, servicing, maintenance and repairs work with car leasing?

Your business pays for its own insurance when you lease a car. Leasing companies often ask you to take out fully comprehensive insurance in case your lease car is stolen or written off. You can also take out lease gap insurance if you wish.

Your company must service your lease car regularly and the broker will offer lease car maintenance packages to cover general wear and tear. Larger lease car repairs are either covered by your insurance or your manufacturer warranty for your car lease.

How long is the lead time on a lease car?

The lease car delivery lead time can vary. On Lease Fetcher, you can filter deals to show only those “In stock” which are already built and could be on your doorstep in a matter of weeks. If you want something built to your precise specifications, it can be anywhere between 2 weeks and 6 months, depending on the time of year, demand for the model, and location of the factory. If you wish to put a private plate on the lease car, this could extend the lead time.