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What is Car Leasing?

When you lease, you get a brand new car in exchange for paying off the amount of money it depreciates during your lease contract. The value of depreciation is split between an initial payment called an initial rental and your monthly payments. You never own the car meaning when your contract is over, you simply hand the keys back to the leasing broker and you’re free to set up another contract for another brand new vehicle.

The amount that the car depreciates depends on factors like your estimated annual mileage, your contract length, and the specifications of your lease car. We’ve written a whole guide on how car leasing works if you’d like some more in-depth information! If you’re on the hunt for a car for personal use, you need a personal lease but if you’re searching for a company car, then you should look at business lease deals.

Benefits of Car Leasing

Brand New Car

Every car lease deal you see here on Lease Fetcher is for a brand new car, fresh from the assembly line! No worrying about previous wear and tear with these cars.

Flexible Deals

Whatever your budget, desired lease length, annual mileage needs, or model preferences, you can find the perfect, flexible deal with Lease Fetcher.

Fixed Monthly Payments

Balancing your budget is easy with car leasing - you agree on your monthly cost up front and it won’t change throughout your contract.

Latest Technology

Get access to modern driving technology in your brand new car which you may not have been able to enjoy if you were restricted by what you could buy outright.

Road Tax Included

All our car leasing special offer prices are inclusive of road tax - that’s one less thing to worry about.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

To give you peace of mind, your new car is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty should anything go wrong.

How does Lease Fetcher Work?

We Collect Car Leasing Deals

To make your search for a special offer lease deal easy, we gather lease deals from the UK’s top BVRLA-approved leasing brokers, all here in one place.

We Help You Compare Lease Deals

Compare our special offers by filtering by loads of factors like manufacturer, fuel type, mileage, budget, MPG, emissions, and just about anything else you can think of!

We Connect You With Leasing Brokers

Found a deal you like? Great! You can enquire about it with the leasing broker directly through Lease Fetcher. They’ll help you set your contract up and we will part ways!

FAQs About Our Special Offers

What is the best car lease deal right now?

The best car lease deal on the market is constantly changing, but finding it is super simple with Lease Fetcher. The best car lease deal for you depends on your driving requirements - set the filters on our search tool to bring back deals which directly meet your needs. You can order the deals by popularity or price, whatever matters most to you. You can also show only cars that are “In Stock” for quick lead times.

Is it cheaper to buy or lease a car?

Calculating how much it costs to lease a car is simple - the cost is how much the car depreciates over the course of your contract, and this is affected by the length of your contract, your annual mileage, and the specifications of your chosen lease car. If you are someone who likes to trade in for a new, modern model every few years, leasing makes financial sense. If you bought outright, you would need to haggle for a decent sale price, which is difficult given how quickly cars depreciate in value (often around 40% in just 3 years). With leasing, you only pay 40%, rather than potentially losing 60%!

Can car lease prices be negotiated?

If you’re looking for a car lease negotiation, there are a few ways to keep your monthly costs low. Primarily, you will have to compromise on your mileage allowance and contract length. To keep your initial rental payment low, you can also speak to your broker about a car lease part exchange where the sale of your current car goes towards keeping your costs lower.

Do I need a good credit score for leasing?

So that the leasing company knows you’re able to make your regular monthly payments, you will need to pass a car lease credit check before you are approved for a lease contract. In some situations, you can lease a car with a poor credit score but you will likely have to pay a much larger initial rental. Alternatively, you can speak to the leasing broker about appointing a guarantor for your car lease.

Can I get a no deposit car lease?

There’s not technically such a thing as a completely deposit-free car lease - if you choose a 1 month initial rental, it’s quite like paying no deposit. You’ll simply pay 1 month upfront, which also counts as your first month’s payment. Since you are paying less upfront, your remaining monthly payments will be higher with a no deposit car lease.

Who pays for road tax and insurance with a lease car?

Road tax has to be paid by the registered keeper of the lease car and this is the finance company, which means that road tax is included in all car lease deals - you don’t need to worry about paying it separately.

In terms of insurance, you are required to take out your own (normally fully comprehensive) insurance when you lease a car. This is to protect you and the leasing company from financial loss if your lease car is written off or it’s stolen. You can also take out additional lease gap insurance to bridge the gap between insurance payout and your remaining payments to the leasing company.