Mazda Mx-30 Lease

Making their contribution to the EV market, Mazda has perfected the everyday EV with the MX-30. Perfect for the eco-conscious, practically minded driver, the MX-30 is worth considering.  Less More

The Mazda MX-30 R-EV is a great addition to the Japanese manufacturers lineup, slotting in alongside the similarly equipped hybrid CX-30.

A plug-in hybrid, this SUV is powered like a classic EV where the wheels are powered exclusively by the 35.5 kWh electric motors. Unlike other PHEV’s, the MX-30’s petrol engine works to charge the electric battery. This innovative technology makes this plug-in hybrid a model like no other. 

When the sustainable technology that powers this model kicks in, you are given up to 53 miles of emission free driving. Plus, with the hybrid electric motors the MX-30 R-EV can give you 400 miles of driving before you are required to plug-in for a charge. 

A well-designed interior is equipped with a plethora of features that aim to prioritise your comfort and overall driving experience. Additional features like a heated leather steering wheel and 8.8” multimedia display that is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, make the MX-30 a joy to drive.

As a practical, family choice, Mazda has designed the MX-30 to be spacious and safe. With an ample 350 litres of boot storage on offer, and safety features such as Blind Spot Monitoring, cruise control and Lane-keep Assist System this model is guaranteed to keep you feeling safe on the roads.

Similar models to the Mazda MX-30 include the Vauxhall Mokka-e and Hyundai Kona.


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