Peugeot 308 Lease

Best Peugeot 308 Personal & Business Lease Deals

With an emphasis on stylish designs and two models to choose from, the 308 range from Peugeot is a popular choice with young families and solo drivers looking for an aesthetically-pleasing but practical car. A renowned family brand, Peugeot is loved by many for creating reliable but exciting cars, so you can expect exactly this when you lease the 308 Hatchback or 308 SW Less More

The 308 range is a step above the 208 in both practicality and design, but more affordable and youthfully styled than the 508 range from Peugeot. The 308 range is the perfect pick for the urban driver. 

Which model is best for me?

The 308 models share many similarities but have distinct differences that will make your choice easier.

The 308 Hatchback is best if:

  • You have a lower budget and want more affordable monthly leasing payments.
  • You want a more compact body style.

The 308 SW is best if:

  • You want more legroom for rear seat passengers - the longer body is excellent!
  • You need a super practical boot space - it has up to 810 litres of room, compared to 501 max with the Hatchback.

Both models are available in petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid (with 37 miles of electric range). They also come kitted out with top-of-the-range technology, and the 10 inch touchscreen infotainment system is sure to keep you entertained on all your city drives. By just talking to the car, your 308 model will change your music, temperature, or sat nav destination for you when you use Peugoet’s Natural Voice Recognition system.

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