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In 2003, a group of Silicon Valley engineers and designers made a bold move that would turn the American car manufacturing world on its head. This innovative group had their finger on the pulse and established the first ever fully electric car manufacturer - Tesla Motors. Taking their name from Nikola Tesla (who designed the alternating-current electric system), they started laying the next stepping stones towards a green, electrified world. Today, they reign supreme as the world's only 100% electric luxury car maker. Guided by their mission to "accelerate the world's transition to sustainable transport", Tesla continues to lead the way with beautifully designed models brimming with the absolute cutting-edge of technology.
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328 viewed this car Model 3 Saloon View Gallery

Tesla Model 3 Saloon

3 derivatives available

Hitting 60mph from standing in 4.5 seconds, the Model 3 Saloon 2019 also has some pretty intuitive autonomous tech inside too.

From £425.98 Per Month

Initial Rental: £5,111.76 inc VAT
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39 viewed this car Model S Hatchback View Gallery

Tesla Model S Hatchback

2 derivatives available

The Tesla Model S Hatchback is the future of affordable luxury, eco-friendly saloon cars, with mindblowing acceleration and zero tailpipe emissions.

From £937.22 Per Month

Initial Rental: £8,434.98 inc VAT
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45 viewed this car Model X Hatchback View Gallery

Tesla Model X Hatchback

6 derivatives available

The Tesla Model X Hatchback hits 60mph in under three seconds and is one of the safest cars on the market, equipped with road sign recognition.

From £999.29 Per Month

Initial Rental: £8,993.61 inc VAT
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More About Tesla Car Leasing

Why choose a Tesla lease?

Electric car technology is maturing at an incredibly fast pace. If you're keen to keep up with the latest tech trends, you're best opting for a Tesla lease deal, rather than buying outright. Tesla cars, on average, depreciate 45% in their first 3 years, which will put you out of pocket if you plan to cash in for the latest model. Leasing is the most cost-effective way to secure a set of keys to a Tesla car. The engineers and designers at Tesla will wait for no one in their mission to electrify our roads!

As a brand that is so ahead of the curve, Tesla outshines the eco-efforts of mainstream premium brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. Tesla vehicles are in a category of their own, so if you're looking for an environmentally-friendly, top-spec new car, our leasing offers for Tesla vehicles are absolutely perfect.

The Tesla Model 3 has been crowned the most popular electric vehicle to lease in the UK, largely down to its affordability combined with its high tech interior and range of incredible features. The models in the range are also renowned for their safety features, which gives them three-pronged appeal: security, industry-leading innovation, and clean, cool aesthetics.

There are over 50,000 Tesla cars on the open road today - join the ranks of ecologically-minded drivers and leave the positively prehistoric gas-guzzling machines behind with our Tesla car leasing deals.

Tesla leasing availability, delivery, warranty and maintenance

When you lease a Tesla, you're leasing a factory fresh car built to your exact specifications, so you may have to wait a while before it becomes available. Your location and configuration options will determine how long you'll be waiting on your Tesla lease car, but generally, customers are waiting somewhere in the 2-4 month range - specs and demand depending.

The Tesla lease deals you see on LeaseFetcher include free delivery to UK mainland customers and road tax. If you were to pay the road tax yourself, you'd be forking out £320 per year since the list price of a Tesla is over £40,000 - that's over £900 for a 3-year lease! If you're deliberating between a lease and other finance options, make sure you remember to add in these extra charges when calculating the total cost of alternatives.

Since your Tesla lease car is brand spanking new, you'll be covered by the very generous Tesla limited manufacturer warranty, which lasts for 4-years or 50,000 miles. Any manufacturer faults during your lease will be dealt with by an authorised Tesla mechanic at no extra charge to you. All you'll need to arrange is your insurance and any additional maintenance packages you desire - speak to your leasing broker about your options.

Tesla models and body styles

Tesla's range is limited but beautifully refined and all boast ludicrous performance figures. Currently comprised of the Tesla Model X, Model S, and Model 3, they deliver on most fronts, as a hatchback, saloon, and mid-sized crossover SUV.

All of Tesla's models are elegantly designed, with sporty sleek curves and an impressive array of technology. The Model 3 can reach 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and powers through 348 miles on a single charge. Its AWD Dual Motor allows the driver to control traction and torque with precision, and even with an attractive all-glass roof, it can withstand four times its own mass in a roof-crush test, so you know you're in the safest of hands.

The Model S is kitted out with top-of-the-range noise engineering, a medical-grade HEPA air filtration system, keyless entry, an intuitive 17-inch touchscreen, and side impacts reinforced with steel rails, dubbing it the "safest car in the world."

And finally, the Model X is brimming with self-driving hardware and falcon-wing doors, catapulting it into the future. It's the most aerodynamic SUV around, able to rev up to 315 miles before it needs charging.

The models are available in a variety of trims including Standard Plus, Long Range, and Performance.

Soon to join their ranks is the new model Roadster - a revamp of their 2008 effort - and Model Y.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a Tesla?

Buying a new Tesla outright is by no means cheap. With absolute cutting-edge technology, these luxury Tesla models come with a hefty price tag. Good news though - by leasing a Tesla, you don't need a spare £80K in the bank, and you don't need to take out a restrictive finance agreement with an extortionate interest rate. In fact, you can lease a Tesla for as little as £346.26 per month! With car leasing, you're only covering the amount your car depreciates over the course of your contract. So, if a Tesla depreciates 45% in 3 years, for a 36-month contract, you'll only cover this cost, divided between one bulk initial payment and monthly payments thereafter. Despite Tesla’s industry-leading over-the-air self-updating software, EV technology advances at such a rapid rate. If you're going to want the updated models when they are released, being out of pocket by 45% when you try to resell in 4 years is going to be a drag. Leasing a Tesla is a simple and easy way to get stuck behind the driver's seat of one of these sleek cars!

Can I get a no deposit car lease?

All of our deals on LeaseFetcher require an upfront initial rental, which is a multiple of your monthly payments. If you don't want to splash out a few grand straight away, you can filter our deals for a 1 month initial rental, which is similar to paying no deposit - you'll just pay one month upfront, which is much more manageable if you don't want to hand over a wad of cash straight away. If you’re on the lookout for an initial rental that isn’t listed - get in touch with the broker to see if what you’re after is a possibility.

Can I get a high mileage lease for Tesla?

We've got thousands of prices on LeaseFetcher for cars with mileage varying anywhere between 8,000 and 40,000 a year. If you're looking for higher mileage than is listed on our Tesla deals, just pick the closest mileage figure, submit your enquiry, and then speak to your broking agent directly for full details on how high your annual mileage limit can go.

Are there hybrid or electric car lease deals for Tesla on LeaseFetcher?

Is that a serious question!? Tesla are world leaders when it comes to manufacturing electric vehicles - they only make electric cars. Great news for you if you're looking for a sustainable alternative to hit the highway in.

Why go for a Tesla personal lease?

Tesla car personal leasing is as smooth as it gets, and we think it’s the way to go if you’re wanting a pair of world-leading electric wheels. When you buy an upmarket vehicle, you also buy a vehicle where even the smallest repair can run you into the ground if you’ve not got money set aside for hiccups. When leasing, your car is brand new so you don't have the worry of major repairs looming over you. If your lease is 3 years or less, you've got no MOTs. You're covered by your manufacturer's warranty. A Tesla personal lease is incredibly flexible, accessible, and cost-effective. No more hanging on to your car until the mirrors are falling off and the brake pads are grinding into dust just to get your money's worth - you can trade it in just a few years later, hassle-free. With low monthly payments and short contracts, you can relax, sit back, and enjoy the attention while you race around in your gorgeous Tesla. Check out all our special offers for Tesla personal contract hire.

What are the benefits of a Tesla business lease?

Imagine turning up to work in a Tesla! A Tesla business lease, unlike a company car, can be classed as a business expense, so your business can claim back VAT on it. As your business is not buying the car outright, you don't need to worry about depreciating value either which makes for a healthy business bank balance. Before signing up for a Tesla business contract hire deal, get your calculator out and work out if it is a financially savvy move tax-wise: work out what you'd be charged by accounting for your chosen model's normal price tag, emissions band, and your BIK tax band.