The World's Most Attractive Car Lego Sets

Inside the trophy cabinet at Lego HQ - presumably built out of Lego blocks - sits two (yes, two) “Toy of the Century” awards. 

You would probably forgive the Danish-based toy company for resting on its laurels, although the 27% increase of sales in 2021 compared to 2020 suggests they have no signs of taking their foot off the gas anytime soon.

At Lease Fetcher, we’ve been looking into Lego’s extensive range of sets which includes everything from movie sets to football stadiums, but most importantly, cars!

With over 100 car sets (some ludicrously expensive) available to buy on the Lego website, we were curious to find out which one of these astonishingly intricate sets was the most attractive on social media. 

After doing some digging, it became very evident that Lego builders like to share their finished works of art on Instagram.

In order to determine the most attractive car lego models and manufacturers, we’ve analysed Instagram hashtag data to reveal the number of posts that mention various car lego sets.

With Christmas right around the corner, you can thank us later for giving you the inside track of what to buy your car-crazy friends this year!

Picture Porsche-Fect

top 5 lego car brands

With a delicate blend of power and panache, Porsche lego models reign supreme as the most attractive car lego sets on instagram. 

With a total of 24,576 porsche-related hashtags, the German brand fends off supercar giants; Ferrari, Bugatti and Lamborghini to top spot.

Volkswagen takes fifth spot with 8,548 related hashtags thanks to their iconic lego models, such as the Beetle and Transporter campervan.

The Ford Mustang flexes its Muscle on Instagram

top 5 car models

Looking at specific car models that take pride and place on Instagram, we found that beauty and beast are a dish best served in Lego bricks.

No surprise then, that America’s sweetheart, the Ford Mustang is top of the pile with 8,713 related hashtags on Instagram. 

Hot on its heels is the 3,599-piece, Bugatti Chiron with 7,027 related hashtags. Lego deems this beast at 16+ years so strap yourself in for an exhilarating ride.

The all-terrain Land Rover Defender takes 3rd spot with 6,440 related hashtags. Don’t forget to test its 4x4 capabilities out in the garden or up and down the stairs!

The Most Attractive Lego Car Brands & Models on Instagram

top 10 lego car brands and models


We looked at every real-life car model on the Lego website and compiled a list of related hashtags for both the models and manufacturers.

We then looked at the number of instagram posts that used these related hashtags to determine the most attractive car lego sets on instagram.