Genesis Electrified G80 Lease

The Electrified G80 is a graceful saloon, perfect for those looking for a technologically-advanced model with sustainable attributes. Whether you need a new lease for work or pleasure, you can’t go wrong with the Electrified G80 - it’s setting the tone for the future of the automotive market.   Less More

Range anxiety truly is a thing of the past - the Electrified G80 can do a staggering 323 miles on a single charge! At a 350kW rapid charger, you can juice up from 10-80% in just 22 minutes. With a standard 11kW AC charger, you can do 10-100% in 7 hours and 33 mins. It’s even equipped with a solar roof that tops up the battery as you drive!

The interior has been thoughtfully designed to be as sustainable as possible and to create a calming atmosphere. The trim is composed of birch wood that has been recycled from furniture making. The seats are adorned in eco-friendly Nappa leather which has been dyed using pine natural dye and linseed oil. You can enjoy the luxury experience with a clear conscience!

The Electrified G80 shines when it comes to technology. Everything has been tailored to make controlling functions of the car and navigation as smooth and safe as possible. There’s a touch-controlled pad which allows you to “write” your destination with your finger rather than using fiddly keyboards. There’s even an augmented reality navigation which shows a video feed of the road in real-time, superimposing direction arrows and street names on your windscreen.

You and your passengers will be safe as can be in the cabin. It’s equipped with a whole host of modern safety technology, including lane keep assist, navigation-based smart cruise control which decelerates automatically when sharp bends are anticipated, and a blind spot view monitor displayed right on the main dashboard.

Still considering other options? The Mercedes EQE and the Audi E-Tron GT are top rivals.

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