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Smart created some of the first city cars - nippy and compact, built for busy urban living, congested streets and the tightest of parking spots. With their 100% electric range, Smart cars aren’t just ideal for getting around town, they’re perfect if you’re considering a car leasing deal with zero emissions. So, if you want a cute and quirky city car with green credentials, look no further than LeaseFetcher where you can be confident about finding a deal that suits you. To find your next business or personal leasing deal, take a look at these top Smart car lease deals and filter your options based on initial payment, mileage and contract hire length. Less More

Popular Smart Models to Lease
Like the cars themselves, the Smart range is small but perfectly formed. Choose from the two-seater ForTwo cabrio, ForTwo coupe or the four-seater Smart ForFour.Various specs within the Smart range also means you get a wide choice of trim level to find your perfect match. 

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More About Smart

If you’re thinking about a new Smart car, then contract hire is a great way to ensure you get the latest model at a fraction of the upfront cost of buying - here’s what car leasing offers are currently available.

History of Smart

Smart actually stands for ‘Swatch Mercedes Art’ and was a joint project between the Swiss watchmaker Swatch and the German-owned Daimler-Benz group (who also manufacture Mercedes-Benz cars). Swatch eventually pulled out of the collaboration and Smart now sits entirely within the Daimler-Benz family.

Technology in the Smart Range

Smart vowed to produce 100% electric vehicles back in 2018 - a promise that has now become reality. As such, Smart models are now only available as an electric option. All Smart cars come with cruise control and speed limiter, while front, knee and side airbags make this car safe for both driver and passenger. All Smart cars have active brake assist with collision warning; tyre pressure is also monitored to ensure safety at all times.

Smart Servicing and Warranty

All brand new Smart cars come with a three-year warranty with no mileage restrictions. Smart car batteries are under warranty for up to eight years or 62,000 miles (whichever comes sooner). For more information and service programme options, head to the Smart website.

Related Manufacturers

If you want to compare similar manufacturers to Smart, check out Renault and Citroen's electric city car options. If you fancy exploring electric vehicle options that are a little larger, take a look at these great Nissan special offers on the LEAF.

Finding a Smart Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

At Lease Fetcher, we’ve made it our mission to bring you all the top car leasing deals available. Pulling together the best contract hire deals from FCA-approved brokers from around the country means that you can find what you need all in one place. To compare what’s on offer, simply choose between business and personal lease deals and filter between initial and monthly payment options as well as mileage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to lease a Smart car?

What you pay for your Smart car leasing deal depends on a number of factors. For example - the Smart model you choose, the trim level, your estimated mileage and contract hire length can all influence cost. Usually, new cars depreciate by around 40% over their first three years, which is roughly what you could expect to pay over a 36 month lease deal. Road tax is also included.

Is it better to buy or lease a Smart car?

Smart leasing comes with all sorts of advantages. Not only do you get to drive off in a brand new car, you can upgrade to a brand new Smart car at the end of your contract hire agreement. It means you’ll enjoy and benefit from the latest tech and newest designs without the fuss of trading in your old car.

Where can I find the best Smart car lease deal?

You can find all the best deals from car leasing brokers throughout the country right here at Lease Fetcher. Searching with us at Lease Fetcher can also bring you peace of mind as all the car lease options you see here are from trusted members of the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association).