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With the incredible Boxer engine, Subaru has built a formidable reputation in the car industry thanks to their impressive array of performance SUVs and contract hire sports cars. With a long history in rallying, Subaru has never been the largest car manufacturer in the world, but they’ve always fought to be viewed as one of the very best. Check out the Subaru car leasing deals below. Less More

Popular Subaru Models to Lease
The Subaru BRZ, first designed in 2012, is the only notable vehicle in Subaru’s range to not use 4-wheel drive. Instead, the car utilises rear-wheel drive for the 2+2 coupe sports car. In the land of SUVs, the Subaru Forester stands tall with some notable innovation, including serving as the first self-charging hybrid vehicle with the e-BOXER model. There’s also the Subaru Outback, a more family-oriented SUV, and the affordable hatchback, the Subaru Impreza which is perfect for leasing.

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More About Subaru

We want to help you pick the best possible Subaru lease deal - so we've gathered all this important information about Subaru and Subaru car leasing below, just for you!

History of Subaru

Subaru founded in 1953 in Japan and was previously owned by Nissan, though today they’re under the ownership of Toyota. Subaru vehicles, since the early days, have been known for the company’s innovative Symmetrical Wheel Drive, known more commonly today as 4-wheel drive, as well as their unique usage of Boxer engines. With performance on the mind, Subaru has built a formidable list of vehicles suitable for anyone looking for performance vehicles, or a more affordable sports car.

Technology in the Subaru Range

As mentioned, Subaru has perfected 4-wheel drive performance, with an unprecedented level of balance and precision to the chassis and drive style of each of their vehicles. This stems from their rally driving roots, but their vehicles are also kitted out with some impressive technology. They have recently optimised Subaru Driver Focus, a state of the art suite of driver assistance technology, whilst their new vehicles also include STARLINK infotainment and connectivity features.

Subaru Servicing and Warranty

Subaru offers a three-year warranty alongside an optional 2-year extension, covered by Subaru Warranties. Your Subaru should be serviced every year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to lease a Subaru?

The cost of leasing a Subaru depends on which model your new car will be, as well as other factors, like whether you’re obtaining a personal lease or business lease. Because of this, the best way to find the right deal for you is by searching through Lease Fetcher.

Is it better to buy or lease a Subaru?

Personal leasing can be a more affordable option, even when accounting for things like depreciation. Road tax is included, and your initial rental and subsequent monthly payments account for the car’s depreciation.