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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go for a car lease deal under £100?

Why lease a car for under £100 a month? Because it saves you money of course! It’s a great way to keep your expenses to a minimum if you like to put away a bit of cash on pay day. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about selling it if you decide to upgrade later!

Can I get a no deposit car lease deal under £100?

As much as we would love to say yes, we’re afraid it’s quite unlikely that you’ll find a no deposit lease for under £100 a month. If you’re going to keep your monthly lease payments under £100 you will have to pay a larger initial rental (new cars just aren’t that cheap yet!)

Do you have electric or hybrid car lease deals under £100?

Not yet! Given that electric and hybrid cars haven’t yet reached mass adoption, it might be a few years before there are any hybrid or electric lease deals for under £100 a month.

Do you have any automatic lease cars under £100?

To find our best automatic cars for under £100 a month, you can filter the available deals by "automatic" transmission. If we don't have any available just now, we will be gathering new deals very soon!

What is the best petrol car lease deal under £100?

Looking for the best petrol car under £100 a month, you say?  Make sure to use our “petrol” filter. If nothing matches your criteria right now, come back soon and we'll have more cheap and cheerful deals ready and waiting!

What is the best diesel car lease deal under £100?

If you’re looking for the best diesel cars under £100 a month, simply use our “diesel” filter. Our deals change all the time so if there's nothing you like just now, browse again soon to see if we've added more smashing deals.

How do I find the best personal lease deal under £100?

With deft use of our filters, you’ll find the best PCH deals under £100 in no time at all. You can filter by MPG or range, body style and number of seats to suit your needs. If you rarely drive further than the local supermarket, make sure to adjust your annual mileage so you’re not paying for more miles than you need.

How do I search for the right business lease deal under £100 for me?

If you haven’t heard of Bik rates and company car tax, now is the time to get familiar with them. By cutting your CO2 emissions you can also greatly reduce your tax bills. Because they have 0 emissions, Company car tax on electric cars is the cheapest you’ll find, but you can also use our filters to find the best deals.