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Founded in 1927, Volvo has had a pretty interesting life. Between 1927 and 1999, it was an independent company and it earned a reputation for building outstanding family cars like the Volvo 850 and Volvo 740. They were big, classy and practical cars for the sensible motorist. After some lean years in the 2000s when it was owned by Ford, Volvo found itself snapped up by Chinese giant Geely in 2010 and it quickly got back to its best, producing outstanding cars ever since.
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21 viewed this car S60 Saloon View Gallery

Volvo S60 Saloon

4 derivatives available

With nearly 250bhp at its cylinder-tips, the engine of the S60 Saloon 2019 is pretty relentless going from 0 to 62mph in a mere 6.5 seconds.

From £272.55 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,452.95 inc VAT
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67 viewed this car S90 Saloon View Gallery

Volvo S90 Saloon

20 derivatives available

Powerful four-cylinder, 2.0-litre diesel engines are the secret behind the success of the S90 Saloon 2017. Or you can opt for an eco-friendly hybrid.

From £211.79 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,541.46 inc VAT
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221 viewed this car V40 Hatchback View Gallery

Volvo V40 Hatchback

24 derivatives available

The innovative D2 diesel engine is exceptionally fuel efficient. Look no further for a budget-friendly luxury hatch than the V40 Hatchback 2012.

From £176.76 Per Month

Initial Rental: £1,590.84 inc VAT
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111 viewed this car V60 Sportswagon

Volvo V60 Sportswagon

53 derivatives available

A trendy and sleek aesthetic and state-of-the-art cabin, packed with some intriguing tech, improves the appeal of the V60 Sportswagon 2019.

From £199.55 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,394.58 inc VAT
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48 viewed this car V60 Sportswagon (2013)

Volvo V60 Sportswagon (2013)

1 derivative available

The curvy lines of the V60 Sportswagon 2013 give this efficient estate a great look. Combined with a strong diesel-hybrid engine, it's a compelling option.

From £434.32 Per Month

Initial Rental: £3,908.88 inc VAT
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89 viewed this car V90 Estate View Gallery

Volvo V90 Estate

44 derivatives available

A beautifully refined cruiser that's as comfortable with sweeping motorways as it is with city streets, the V90 Estate 2017 is a top executive estate.

From £203.00 Per Month

Initial Rental: £1,827.00 inc VAT
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141 viewed this car Xc40 Estate View Gallery

Volvo Xc40 Estate

54 derivatives available

The Xc40 Estate 2018 is a combo of a luxury SUV and a clever, compact saloon. Pick from a choice of fiesty, four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

From £251.18 Per Month

Initial Rental: £3,014.21 inc VAT
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107 viewed this car Xc60 Estate View Gallery

Volvo Xc60 Estate

33 derivatives available

It's as tough as a veteran 4x4 but as trendy as a coupe. The Xc60 Estate 2017 features an energetic D5 Diesel engine that provides great versatility.

From £305.23 Per Month

Initial Rental: £2,747.07 inc VAT
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25 viewed this car Xc60 Estate Special Editions View Gallery

Volvo Xc60 Estate Special Editions

2 derivatives available

A T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid is one of the most compelling options offered in the Xc60 Estate Special Editions 2019, with incredible fuel-efficiency.

From £308.80 Per Month

Initial Rental: £3,705.55 inc VAT
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80 viewed this car Xc90 Estate View Gallery

Volvo Xc90 Estate

26 derivatives available

  • Doors: 5
  • Engine: 0.0 - 3.2
  • Fuel: D, P, X
  • Body: 4x4
  • Drive: A, M
  • CO2: 49 - 304g/km

From £389.69 Per Month

Initial Rental: £3,507.21 inc VAT
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More About Volvo Car Leasing

Safety First

For as long as we can remember, Volvo has been synonymous with safety. In 1944, Volvo was the first manufacturer to use laminated glass in their cars. They also produced the first car with a three-point seat belt, invented the first rear-facing child seat and popularised the side airbags standard. You get the picture.

A Cleaner Environment

With its never-ending quest for innovation and sustainability, Volvo revealed the Lambda Sond to the automobile world in 1976. Despite being the size of a finger, the little oxygen-sensing Lambda Sond reduces harmful exhaust emissions by 90%. It does this by regulating the mixture of air and fuel so that optimum combustion is achieved! Fast forward 20 years and virtually every single car is fitted with a Lambda Sond — a massive achievement for Volvo’s engineers!

The Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is the most awarded luxury SUV of the past decade and it’s not difficult to understand why. From its tremendous Drive-E engine to the luxurious Scandinavian design to the raft of safety features, everything about the car screams excellence. It’s no surprise then that it picked up the Business Insider Car of the Year 2015, Motor Trend’s SUV of the Year 2016, CNET Roadshow Vehicle of the Year 2016, North American Truck of the Year 2016, Kelley Blue Book Best Auto Tech Award 2016, Top Safety Pick from the IIHS 2017, and Consumer Guide Best Buy Awards for 2016, 2017 and 2018!

The Future is Bright

In July 2017, Volvo announced that as of 2019, all new Volvo models would be either fully electric or hybrid-electric. This means we have to bid farewell to Volvo vehicles powered solely by the internal combustion engine and welcome the new generation of smarter and more efficient Volvo models like the V60, XC60 and XC90.