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Famous for their smooth lines and striking spindle grilles, you’ll know a Lexus car when you see one. The interior is a luxurious experience since Lexus uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship to create cars that offer the utmost comfort in an impossibly stylish package. LeaseFetcher can help you find the perfect Lexus lease car for you by comparing deals from the UK's top leasing brokers. Consider your ideal contract length, mileage requirements and CO2 emissions and check our best Lexus lease deals below. Less More

Popular Lexus Models to Lease
From luxury SUVs like the Lexus RX and NX, to the glamorous Lexus LC sports cars range, Lexus is not short on high-quality vehicles that simply put look sensational. Lexus didn't forget about business leasing customers. The fantastic Lexus ES is perfect for those of you wanting a comfortable business contract hire with excellent fuel economy.

If you want to kick your driving experience up a notch, Lexus RC is the one for you, offering a V8 engine, an elegant exterior with breathtaking hybrid performance.

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More About Lexus

If you’re considering a new Lexus, contract hire is the way to go! Dip a toe in with our guide to Lexus and Lexus car leasing.

History of Lexus

Established in 1989 as the luxury division of Toyota, Lexus has built a reputation for creating cars that are beautifully crafted and comfortable. The manufacturer is also known for its exceptional technology which led them to pioneer the hybrid system and creating the first eight-speed automatic transmission!

Technology in the Lexus Range

Lexus is committed to using technology to improve convenience, experience and economy. One of the first car manufacturers to prioritise hybrid technology, most of their models are available with a hybrid engine that contributes zero emissions on lower speeds and promotes fuel savings. Engines are available with Lexus’s famous E-CVT, a smooth automatic transmission specifically designed for the hybrid system so that you don’t have to sacrifice the driving experience. The system also sports a self-charging battery so there’s no time wasted on charging. All Lexus models are equipped with Safety Systems, a comprehensive safety package that includes lane keep assist, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control and more to help you navigate the roads with confidence.

Lexus Servicing and Warranty

When you use Lease Fetcher to choose a Lexus car leasing offer, you are guaranteed a new car that is covered under Lexus’s three-year/60,000 miles manufacturer’s warranty. Lexus recommends an annual service, or every 12,000 miles. If you choose a hybrid option Lexus recommends a yearly Hybrid Health Check. Check out Lexus’s manufacturer’s warranty page and servicing page for full details.

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Finding a Lexus Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

Want to find the best Lexus lease deal? Lease Fetcher is here to help. We source contract hires from top BVRLA brokers in England, Wales and the rest of the UK to bring you a whole range of options. We’ll show you leasing offers for all the different models and trims in the Lexus range to help you find the right one. Whether you want a personal or business contract hire, Lease Fetcher has got you covered. Get started and use our handy comparison filters to choose the perfect lease deal to fit your ideal monthly payment, estimated mileage, CO2 emissions and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to buy or lease a Lexus?

Car leasing deals give you the opportunity to experience a luxury Lexus car without having to pay the premium purchase price for this upmarket brand. After the initial rental payment and then for a manageable monthly payment, leasing allows you to enjoy a brand new Lexus and all the perks and features this high-end car manufacturer has to offer.

How much does it cost to lease a Lexus?

The price of your Lexus lease deal will depend on the conditions of your lease and choice of specifications. With leasing, your payments will reflect the cost of depreciation. The value of most models tends to depreciate 40% over the first three years. Your choice of model, trim, engine and extras, as well as your estimated mileage and contract length, can influence the depreciation rate and therefore the total cost of your Lexus lease deal.

What is the cheapest Lexus to lease?

This will depend on the conditions of your lease deal. Your estimated mileage and the contract length you choose will determine the price of the contract hire as well as the model you choose. Typically a contract hire for an entry-level model with a base trim and no extra features will be at the lowest price. You can use Lease Fetcher to find the perfect Lexus lease deal to suit your budget.