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Nothing is more opulent than the Lexus LS Saloon, a powerful hybrid car that’s designed for professionals who require that extra bit of leg room within the cabin. It is Lexus’ most luxurious saloon. Less More

Lexus LS Saloon drivers are big fans of the interior cabin. Everything about this model is the definition of luxurious. It has plump leather seats, a shining example of expert “Takumi” craftswork. You can choose which grade of leather you’d like, and if you opt for the L-Aniline grade, you’ll experience the top 1% of leather hides.

There’s plenty of space to lounge, whether you’re in the front or the back. Front and rear massage seats are available, developed with assistance from a shiatsu massage expert. It’s perfect for longer journeys.

As well as looking good, it feels good to drive. The standard CVT automatic gearbox offers a smooth and responsive drive that benefits those used to automatics. Adaptive air suspension helps to cope with a variety of road conditions. This hybrid model reaches speeds of 0-60 in just 8.9 seconds, ensuring your journey time is quick and efficient.

Infotainment features are everything you’d expect when it comes to a top of the range saloon. The cabin is practically full to the brim with tech and features a sizeable 12.3-inch infotainment screen to enhance your driving experience. It’s a tech lover’s dream, with a twelve speaker Pioneer audio system and Lexus Climate Concierge, which cleverly adapts cabin temperature to suit each individual occupant.

The Lexus LS Saloon competes with the likes of the Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8.

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