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The Mini needs no introduction - it is a great British icon that’s both stylish and fun to drive. With five models, plus electric and hybrid options, there’s plenty on offer for drivers with a variety of motoring needs. With a range of trim levels, you’ll be spoilt for choice so take your pick of brand new Minis with these latest offers. LeaseFetcher rounds up the top leasing offers from the UK's leading brokers to make your search for the perfect car easy. Consider your ideal contract length, budget for initial rental and monthly payments, as well as factors like your annual mileage. Less More

Popular Mini Models to Lease
There are five Mini models starting with the 3-door Mini Hatchback- perfect for cities and urban living. If you’re looking easy access and need more space for luggage, opt for the Mini 5-door hatch instead. The Mini Clubman, with its split boot door is the practical choice if you need easy access to equipment or luggage, while the Mini Countryman (the biggest Mini in the range) is the perfect car for busy families. If you want to feel the wind in your hair, the Mini Convertible with an electric roof that opens in under 20 seconds, won’t disappoint. For a powerful engine, the John Cooper Works spec is available in the 3-door hatch, convertible, Clubman and Countryman.  Mini also offers two alternative fuel types - an all-electric (in the form of the Mini Electric) and a hybrid. 

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More About Mini

If you’re after a shiny new car that’ll turn heads, then look no further than Mini — here’s what makes a Mini so special.

History of Mini

This Mini has a fascinating history. Designed in response to demand for small, fuel efficient cars brought on by the Suez Crisis, the Mini was developed by the British Motor Company (BMC) which amalgamated the two leading car brands at the time - Austin and Morris. The first Minis were marketed under the names Austin Seven Mini and Morris Mini Minor to make the most of the loyal fan base enjoyed by each brand. Both cars were essentially the same under the bonnet and with its easy handling and £500 price tag, the new Mini became a huge success. But it wasn’t until BMC began its collaboration with innovative racing car manufacturer, John Cooper, that the Mini as we know and love today came about. After a change of ownership (from BMC to British Leyland), Mini eventually became a member of the BMW group in 1994.

Technology in the Mini Range

If you like a car with gadgets and tech, you won’t be disappointed. From Mini’s Intelligent Assist technology that enables hands-free access to all your compatible devices, sat nav with real time traffic updates and parking assistance - there’s enough to keep everyone happy. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mini without a nod to its racing heritage - there’s also the option of a seven-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox if you’ve got a need for speed.

Mini Servicing and Warranty

Brand new Minis come with a three-year warranty, while the Mini electric comes with a battery warranty of eight years - or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. For more information on servicing and warranties for fuel and electric models, head to the Mini website.

Related Manufacturers

As the demand has increased for small city cars rival car manufacturers have taken note and entered the market. There are now many great options so check out Audi A1, Fiat 500 and Vauxhall Corsa are all considered great alternatives.

Finding a Mini Lease Deal with Lease Fetcher

At Lease Fetcher, we bring together all the latest and very best car leasing deals from FCA-approved BVRLA brokers across the country. We make it easy to compare contract hire plans based on make, model and even fuel type; you can also filter your options according to initial and monthly payments, hire length and whether yours is a business or personal car leasing package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I lease a Mini?

Leasing a Mini comes with all sorts of benefits. You get to drive away in a brand new head-turning car and also have the opportunity to upgrade to a new Mini when your contract comes to an end. It means you can enjoy the freshest design and latest car tech all without the hassle of trading in your old model. Car leasing also means you don’t have to worry about road tax either because it’s already included in the price; it’s a win-win all round.

How much is it to lease a Mini?

Cars typically depreciate in value by 40% in their first three years and the amount you pay to lease your new Mini will depend on various factors that affect that depreciation - for example, your initial payment, estimated mileage and the length of your leasing contract. Model specifications will also influence the cost. A personal lease will inc VAT and a business lease will be ex VAT.

How does leasing a Mini work?

Mini car leasing is simple and in many ways it’s just like renting a house. After an initial deposit, you’ll make a number of monthly payments over an agreed length of time (your contract hire length). At the end of that contract, you hand back your MiniCooper and are then free to compare other Mini lease deals or explore any other fantastic lease deals available at the time.