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Brighton’s famous for Mods and Lambrettas but the city’s associated with a lot of cars too. The world’s most successful single-cylinder car, the BMW Isetta, was built here and two of the world’s longest running car events are held here too.

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  • 849 viewed this car A Class Hatchback View Gallery

    Mercedes A Class Hatchback

    67 derivatives available

    • Doors: 3 - 5
    • Engine: 2.1
    • Fuel: D, P, H
    • Body: Hatchback
    • Drive: M, A
    • CO2: 32 - 197g/km

    From £271.73 Per Month

    Initial Rental: £2,445.57 inc VAT
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  • 439 viewed this car Xc40 Estate View Gallery

    Volvo Xc40 Estate

    55 derivatives available

    • Doors: 5
    • Engine: 2.0
    • Fuel: P, D, H
    • Body: Crossover SUV
    • Drive: M, A
    • CO2: 38 - 166g/km

    From £317.63 Per Month

    Initial Rental: £2,858.67 inc VAT
  • 424 viewed this car Model 3 Saloon View Gallery

    Tesla Model 3 Saloon

    3 derivatives available

    • Doors: 4
    • Engine: N/A
    • Fuel: E
    • Body: Saloon
    • Drive: A
    • CO2: None

    From £545.37 Per Month

    Initial Rental: £4,908.33 inc VAT
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More About Car Leasing Brighton

The place the 'Bubble Car' was born

The infamous BMW Isetta 300 or ‘Bubble Car’ was produced here from 1957 at the old Brighton Railway Works. It was the first mass-produced car that could achieve 94 mpg.

Home of the world's longest running car event

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run started is the longest running car event in the world. It started in 1896.

Home of the world's oldest motor race

The Brighton Speed Trials is also another record holder. Held on the seafront, after it was tarmacked in 1905, it’s generally thought of as being one of the world’s oldest motor races.

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