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Conveniently sited at the heart of the ‘Midland’s Engine’, Leicester is set to be one of the UK’s automotive industry in the coming years, with massive investment into the area currently underway.

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  • 727 viewed this car M2 Coupe View Gallery

    BMW M2 Coupe

    2 derivatives available

    • Doors: 2
    • Engine: 3.0
    • Fuel: P
    • Body: Coupe
    • Drive: M, A
    • CO2: 185 - 227g/km

    From £482.83 Per Month

    Initial Rental: £4,345.47 inc VAT
  • 394 viewed this car Caddy Maxi Life C20 Estate View Gallery

    Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life C20 Estate

    3 derivatives available

    • Doors: 5
    • Engine: 1.0 - 2.0
    • Fuel: D, P
    • Body: MPV
    • Drive: M, A
    • CO2: 129 - 174g/km

    From £256.79 Per Month

    Initial Rental: £3,081.48 inc VAT
  • 365 viewed this car 718 Boxster Roadster View Gallery

    Porsche 718 Boxster Roadster

    8 derivatives available

    • Doors: 2
    • Engine: 0.0 - 2.5
    • Fuel: P
    • Body: Sports
    • Drive: M, A
    • CO2: 180 - 210g/km

    From £561.46 Per Month

    Initial Rental: £6,737.52 inc VAT

More About Car Leasing Leicester

Noble's base

Noble Automotive – a British supercar brand – has its headquarters and factory here, where it hand-builds high-spec models like the M600 Coupe, Speedster and CarbonSport.

MIRA technology institute

The £9.5 million MIRA Technology Institute which is being built near Hinckley will be used to train the next generation of vehicle engineers and scientists.

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