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Audi is one of the most recognisable premium car manufacturers in the world, backed by the precision of German engineering. Led by their slogan “Vorsprung Durch Technik”, meaning “Advancement Through Technology”, Audi cars are packed with cutting-edge technology.  Less More

If you’re in the market for an Audi lease deal, they have a range of refined rides for professionals, families, eco-conscious, and those with a need for speed.

Which model is best for me?

Audi models have scooped up awards for best interior design, comfort, and performance.

  • For business: The Audi A3 Sportback was praised as the best plug-in hybrid for value. Its affordable price tag and low CO2 emissions mean you pay hardly any BIK tax! If you do a lot of motorway driving, the Audi A4 Saloon was branded the most comfortable executive car.
  • For families: The Audi Q2 and Q5 Estate have received accolades for their stunning interiors. If you fancy something a bit more luxurious, the Q7 was named the best luxury SUV for comfort!
  • For top speeds: The Audi RS3 Sportback is hailed as the leading hot hatch for daily use. It can do 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds! The TT Coupe won the best coupe for value award, and for speeds equal to the RS3, check out the TT RS Coupe.
  • For the eco-conscious: Audi’s first electric cars, the e-Tron Estate and the e-Tron Sportback, are hailed as the most comfortable electric SUVs so are well worth a look if you need a green option for the family!

Why lease an Audi?

Despite the premium badge, getting behind the wheel of an Audi doesn’t need to break the bank! Leasing is a fantastic way to get your perfect Audi model for a fraction of the cost of buying. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Brand new cars: You always get a factory-fresh model, fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. No need to deal with previous wear and tear or extra maintenance associated with older cars! 
  • Flexible contract terms: You can customise your lease contract to fit your driving needs. Pick and mix your lease length, annual mileage, and how much initial rental you’d like to pay upfront.
  • New model every 2-4 years: With Audi known for their leading technology, you’ll be glad to know you can keep up pace with the trends and get a new model every few years hassle-free!
  • No need to sort road tax: Road tax is included in your leasing payments, and the leasing company takes care of this for you. One less thing to add to your to-do list!
  • Benefits for business: If you enter a business lease contract, you can reclaim up to 100% VAT (if you’re VAT-registered) and write off up to 100% of the lease cost as a business expense!

What does Lease Fetcher do?

There are so many benefits to leasing, but finding the best car leasing deal can be time consuming. At Lease Fetcher, we set out to make the search easier! 

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