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Audi Q7 Estate

The Audi Q7 is a quality mid-sized SUV car that's great for families. Should you add it to your shortlist? Check out our review.


  • Brilliant and relaxing drive

  • Virtual Cockpit comes as standard


  • Alternatives have better infotainment systems

  • Important safety tech is only available on top-spec models



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Overall Verdict

Sophisticated. Composed. Vigorous. The Audi Q7 Estate is a family-oriented SUV that reminds us of that annoying kid at school who excelled at everything. It combines seven-seater practicality with performance more reminiscent of a small sports car. A true all-rounder reinforced by its off-road capabilities and incredibly comfortable driving experience, the Audi Q7 is amongst the best luxury cars on the market. Bravo Audi.

Fuel economy is rather impressive for a car that weighs in at 2165kg. This is largely down to the help of the Q7’s mild-hybrid system that permits the engine to turn itself off when slowing down. You’ll save the most on running costs if you opt for the 50 TDI diesel which returns around 41.5 mpg.

Practicality wise, the Audi Q7 is one of the best SUV cars in the game. Boot space is better than similarly priced rivals, including the Volvo XC90, BMW X5, Mercedes GLE and the Land Rover Discovery. When the third row of seats are down you've got enough room to pile up lots of large picture frames or a couple of big cardboard boxes stacked on top of one another.

The Q7's interior styling was given a facelift in 2019 which has both pleased and frustrated potential buyers. Although the cabin is filled with classy trims and high-quality materials, the infotainment system has become a touch confusing and many feel the previous system was much less distracting and more user-friendly.

All Q7 trims come with the impressive Audi Virtual Cockpit, all your sat-nav and smartphone mirroring features, cruise control, rear parking sensors, and automatic emergency braking, which reinforces its position as one of the best family cars around.

Like what you’re hearing so far? Read on for the rest of our Audi Q7 review.

Available Trims


The entry-level Sport trim comes fully loaded with a bunch of exciting standard kit. Alongside the 19” alloy wheels and adaptive air suspension, the Q7 Sport boasts a pair of matrix LED headlights with dynamic indicators. The MMI Navigation Plus infotainment system offers an insight into Audi’s progressive technology which includes their very own Virtual Cockpit which can be enjoyed from the comfort of the heated, leather front seats.

S Line

If you’re looking for a luxurious upgrade on the Sport trim, the S Line is the perfect suitor. The 20” alloy wheels have a hypnotic ‘5-spoke turbine’ design to match the sleek S Line exterior pack. The heated front sports seats are seriously classy in their Valcona leather upholstery, while the privacy glass ensures there’ll be no nosey motorists checking out the back of your car!

Black Edition

The Audi Q7 Black Edition is a seriously impressive bit of kit. On top of the wheels being bumped up to 21”, the Black Edition’s suspension has been upgraded to an adaptive air system, which provides an impeccably smooth drive. The titanium black styling pack adds a number of dark trims to the exterior that combines nicely with the interior’s polished oak inlay.


The golden child of the Audi Q7 line-up is the range-topping Vorsprung trim. The 22” alloy wheels set the foundation for this commanding vehicle, while the HD matrix LED headlights provide an accurate and powerful glow. Alongside the adaptive air suspension with dynamic all-wheel steering, the comforting driving experience of the Vorsprung is enhanced by the heated front super sport seats that come with a massage function as standard. The Bose Premium Sound System really is the cherry on top of this exquisite car if you’re an avid audiophile.

For more information on trim pricing head over to our Audi Q7 lease deals page to see how much you can save on your next lease.


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Built to command the road, this seven-seater SUV car has combined quirky style with sporty looks down to a T.

From the distinctive 3D-hexagonal single-frame grille to the striking LED headlights - the Audi Q7 has undergone some momentous changes. 

In comparison to the most recent design, the Audi Q7 looks a lot sleeker thanks to its acute horizontal lines and unique quattro sideblades. All the new exterior features on the Audi Q7 have added to the vehicle’s strong and athletic personality.

Driving Experience

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For an SUV, the Audi Q7 drives with elegance and comfort wherever you go. School pick-ups, cross-country cruises and off-road adventures are all easy tasks for the Q7.

Engine and Performance

You can get the Audi Q7 with two diesel engines or a petrol engine - all of which come with a 3.0-litre V6 turbocharged engine, mild hybrid system, four-wheel drive, and an 8-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox as standard.

The entry-level 231bhp 45 TDI quattro tiptronic turbocharged diesel engine is no slouch, but the 286 bhp 50 TDI is the engine of choice for drivers regularly carrying passengers - or any towing equipment for that matter. The engine is punchier than the 45 TDI and acceleration is strong yet smooth.

If you want a petrol version, it’s a simple (the only) choice - the 55 TFSI 340bhp 3.0-litre V6. It’s refined and plucky at low revs and drives extremely well. The only problem we have is the inefficient fuel economy which can’t hide next to the more cost-effective diesel options.

With the Q7’s powerful 3.0-litre engine, there’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to excellent performance. The weight reduction on the new model has enhanced the Q7’s speed and agility.

The 45 TDI diesel engine can reach a top speed of 142mph while it does 0-62mph in 7.3s. Opt for the slightly punchier 50 TDI engine and you’ll feel a slightly more nimble performance - you’ll be able to accelerate from 0-62mph in 6.5s and achieve a top speed of 150mph.

On the other hand, the 55 TFSI petrol engine has enough guile to reach 62mph in just under 6 seconds (5.9, to be precise), while it stretches its legs to a top speed of 155mph.


Although the Q7 prioritises serene comfort over sporty handling, it’s still an incredibly accomplished and lively drive. Steering is light and the responsive S Tronic automatic gearbox makes the Q7 a great automatic cars option.

A lack of body lean gives the Q7 a decent amount of composure through corners, while the four-wheel driving system ensures the Q7 can handle any terrain with aplomb.

If you’re looking for a sportier SUV, the BMW X5 may be a more suitable choice, whereas a Range Rover Sport is a better choice if you’re partial to an off-road adventure.


The adaptive air suspension that comes as standard on the Sport and S Line trim is extremely relaxing and irons out all sorts of lumps and bumps with supple ease.

The adaptive air ‘Sport’ suspension available on the Black Edition and Vorsprung trim gives drivers the flexibility of switching between the more comfort-orientated ‘air’ suspension and the stiffer ‘sport’ alternative.

Audi Q7 Interior

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More spacious than ever before, the Audi Q7 boasts a brilliantly constructed cabin that most luxury seven-seaters can’t compete with.


The upmarket cabin of the Audi Q7 has been revamped with a number of classy finishes. The dashboard is dominated by the continuous air vent strip that runs along it. All the buttons on the dash are subtle and there are no annoying sticky-out objects to deal with either - just tonnes of glossy black piano trims and trendy metal effects.

If money is no object, the range-topping Vorsprung is a cut above the rest. You’ll have the luxury of a panoramic glass roof and a groovy suede Alcantara headlining that feels incredibly soft.


Cutting-edge technology runs through the Audi DNA.

Fortunately for entry-level buyers, Audi’s intuitive Virtual Cockpit comes as standard. The 12.3-inch digital panel replaces all those naff conventional instrument dials that have given way for a much more minimalist and clean looking cabin.

Complimenting the Virtual Cockpit very nicely are the two large touch screens that almost look camouflaged against the dashboard and centre console. The 10.1-inch upper screen looks sharp, but the black and white icons make it difficult to identify and control, especially while driving.

The lower 8.6-inch screen has a little bit more life about it in terms of colour, although adjusting the temperature is fiddly and less stressful in the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE.


Our Rating:

The Audi Q7 uses every inch available to ensure the cabin is renowned for its practicality and nifty features. Without a doubt, the Q7 is one of the best 7 seater cars on the planet! For more options and competitor offerings then check out our 7 seater lease deals to find our top picks.


5,052 mm L x 1,968 mm W x 1,740 mm H

Boot Size

With the middle row of seats slid fully back, the Q7’s boot has the capacity to fit 865 litres worth of luggage which is enough room for a couple of sets of golf clubs and a baby buggy. With all the seats down, the boot is one of the best in the business with a whopping 2050 litres that gives the Q7 Estate the edge over rivals like the BMW X5 and the Range Rover Sport. It's also one of the best cars for dogs for all our feline friends out there!

Passenger Room

Even the BFG rants and raves about the head and legroom provided by the Audi Q7. There’s loads of room for over six-footers and the abundance of legroom is very flexible thanks to the electrically sliding seats.

The middle row boasts plenty of space for two large adults to sit behind equally tall front passengers. However, the ‘middle man’ may start to get frustrated with the raised lump in the front of the middle seat.

Two more seats can be found in the third row, but we recommend that these are kept for children who can sit comfortably. The middle seats can be slid forward to allow some leeway for the rear passengers too.

Safety Features

Audi never skips a beat when it comes to innovative safety features, and the Q7 is no different. All models come with plenty of standard safety kit including automatic emergency braking, Audi Pre Sense (front), and a number of front, side and curtain airbags.

Running Costs

Our Rating:

When it comes to running costs, the Audi Q7 holds its own in terms of efficient fuel economy - that is of course if you stay clear of the thirsty petrol engine.


The entry level 45 TDI diesel engine returns a very reasonable 40.4 mpg, while it emits 184g/km of CO2. The most fuel-efficient Audi engine is the 50 TDI diesel that achieves approximately 41.5 mpg, while emitting 180g/km, making it the most cost-effective option if you’re considering this as company car.

It’s worth noting that the Q7 and almost all luxury SUVs, in direct competition with the Q7 are categorised under the 37% benefit-in-kind tax (BiK) company car tax.

Yes, the petrol engine is gutsy and the gearbox smooth, but the inefficient running costs don’t do much for your wallet or the environment - it returns 31.4 mpg and emits 205g/km of CO2.

Insurance Group

Insuring the Audi Q7 won’t be cheap. Insurance costs range between group 41 and 50 starting from the 45 TDI diesel and ending with the 55 TFSI petrol engine.

Cheapest Trim Lowest Insurance Group RRP


The Q7 comes with the standard three-year or 60,000-mile Audi warranty and three years’ roadside assistance. BMW also offers a three-year warranty, but with the added perk of unlimited mileage. Audi extended warranties are also available - the four-year/75,000 mile upgrade for £245, while the five-year/90,000 mile deal is £545.


Servicing intervals for the A3 Saloon depend on the schedule you choose when you purchase/ lease the vehicle. You’ve got the option of the fixed-inspection schedule, where your car is serviced once a year no matter how many miles you clocked, or the variable schedule, that is better suited to longer-distance drivers.

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